Saturday, May 21, 2016


I got a text yesterday from my SEESTER!

Guess what was in it?  You guessed it AAAAAAARRRRRRTTTTTTT.  She didn't say I could share it, but guess what, she didn't say I couldn't so neener.  So excited, it's a really great piece.  I think she's been using pens.  I've used them when I was younger, but not sure how well I'd do with them now LOL.  They are tricky, and depending on what kind you use you may have to be very patient and wait for them to dry unless you want to smear or get them on your hands.  The plus to pens are that they give a very bright, cheery, vivid color which can be absolutely stunning as you'll soon see.

Now, I want to say something about my sister too.  She's a very bright, talented, large hearted person, who can at times be very quiet, and maybe a little shy, though she's come out of that shell a WHOLE LOT.  She's been doing a business that is a direct sales/marketing business.  She does REALLY well at it, and has great ideas that help out her team greatly.  Anyone that knows direct sales, would understand that these people are some of the hardest working, most determined people out there.  Here's the real clincher, they have some of the BEST products on the market, but you can't get them in a store, you have to get them directly from your representative, or from their websites.  Now with that having been said, I'll share a little more with you.

My sister was not happy near the end of her time at her regular job because the people there were creating a very hostile working environment, which she honestly should have sued the bejeebers out of them for, since that falls under several no no's covered by federal law.  Now, I'm not sure if she began coloring prior to her newfound freedom and happiness, but if she had, I would wager a few things.  One, her color schemes or choice of mediums or both may have been VERY different from what you'll see today.  If she did begin prior, maybe she'll be good enough to share some with us.  At any rate, I think she would have chosen some similar positive types of things to color, but the chosen color scheme or medium would speak to her underlying unhappiness perpetrated on her by her previous working environment.  As I said, she does VERY well at this type of business and it's grown her personally in a lot of ways I'm sure she never expected.  She's very happy, free, and doing exceptionally well, and I'd love to share her website with you too should you be interested in joining her team, or taking a look at the wonderful products her company has to offer.  I think anyone would benefit from her experience, and the products that are offered there so I do hope you will go and find out for yourself.

At any rate, I think I've probably said enough, and possibly more than I should have given that this is my sister's story and not mine to tell.  But I just had to share because what you are about to witness is a physical representation and example of the joy she's currently living.  I'm so proud of her, and I think you will be too when you see how joyous her art is.

I cried sharing this, because it truly has been an amazing journey for me as a sister, as well as it's been for her as a person.