Saturday, May 28, 2016

My Mom's Birthday

We all had a good day.

My niece played party planner and hung up the decorations, which were just the right height for her to enjoy.  Then she and I sneaked away to pick out some pictures that my mom had colored.  I loved them all so it was difficult to choose just a few.  I gave my mom the gift I'd gotten which wasn't quite her thing, which is ok, I thought there might be that chance, but I was hoping it might guide her to more creativity through writing.  I can't wait to see what she picks out in it's place, because honestly, I just want her to have something that she will enjoy more than anything else.  I'll share the idea for you guys here since it's really cute, and I do love this idea.  I wish I had one from my grandmothers.  Just make sure that your mom or grandma would like to write things down, if not, maybe something in a different avenue of creativity for her too.

I do love that it helps give you ideas about what to write here and there, and if you don't like that question you can get your children or grandchildren involved by asking them what story they'd like to hear, or just make up another question.  Again, this won't be for everyone out there, but for the ones that have that perfect fit this will be an awesome present for your loved ones today and then loved ones down the line to read what Grandma or mom was into when they were younger.

My niece helped me pick out some pictures my mother had done to put on the blog too, and I think this is definitely a great creative outlet for her because they are wonderful.

mom does an absolutely beautiful job and there were more, but I thought I should just share a few.  My niece picked out the one with the vibrant color scheme, I loved the one in all shades of green, and who doesn't love natures beautiful butterflies.  So many mom did are just gorgeous, the crosses, the ones that are similar to mandalas and many more.  I'm glad she's enjoying her new found creativity.

At any rate, I hope you find something your family will love to carry on for generations!