Monday, May 16, 2016

10 Birds

Well, we're nearing the end of this project!

The cool thing about coloring as a hobby, problem solving activity, stress reliever, or therapy is, that it can go with you anywhere you go.  There are books of all sizes so you can pop them in a purse, briefcase, suitcase etc.  I did one bird in rainbow colors because my niece loves rainbows and is always giving me rainbows.

Hopefully, I've inspired some others to try coloring!  I always look forward to seeing my mom's art too now.  She's very creative with hers.  I think in another few days I should be able to post the finished project here and move onto another one.  Hopefully this helps others too, to see that you don't have to finish a picture in one day, unless you absolutely want to.

It's always an exciting prospect to be finished with a project too, so you can look at it and feel great about a job well done too!  Happy coloring folks!!