Friday, June 10, 2016

Mish Mosh

Well, I meant to blog about my Dr visit from last Friday, but a few things happened.

I was needed to watch my niece which is never a problem since she's a very well behaved 4 yr old and I love having fun with her.  Then there was a personal crisis at home, which took a lot of emotional and mental fortitude.  I was utterly exhausted on Sunday, and passed out for hours and hours and hours until Monday.  I won't go into what happened because while I was an unwilling participant it was not my crisis, I was merely a passenger.

Then the rest of the week took a nice dip for me and a few of my family.  For me it was more expensive car repairs, and the explosion of my laptop, which also accounts for my neglect in blogging, I didn't feel like dealing with the "smart fairies" in my "smart" devices constantly changing my words and driving me buggy.  I'm happy to say, I think everyone's week has taken a turn for the better due to a very understanding family willing to help me in a time of need, and whom I will pay back with all due haste, however I can.

As you can see, I'm blogging so that means I have a brand spanking new laptop, which, I hope, will remain explosion free.  My car is in the shop and I'm hopeful that it will soon be fixed, and hopefully for good this time.  The emotional crisis seems to have slowed to a dull roar, and for my part, I think my frustration and angry outbursts are becoming less....because anger is the appropriate response to everything needing an emotional response.....right?

So back on track, I had my Dr. appointment at the VA on Friday, and I'm happy to say my change of Dr. was an excellent choice thus far.  She is going to increase my metformin to triple my current dose as we discussed that the addition of diabetes in my record without the proper baseline tests was an improper assumption and addition to my record.  My old Dr was treating me for diabetes instead of PCOD.  The standard of care for PCOD is triple the dosage I was taking since it affects my endocrine system adversely.  We will be walking my way up and I'm currently only on double the dose, but I hope this will start having a positive impact on my body and overall health.  We've taken other steps along with this to try and head off other things, so overall I have to say, I LOVELOVELOVE my new Dr.!  She listens, and she has interactions with me to show that she genuinely cares and understands my hurdles and difficulties given my different disease/illnesses.  I only wish I had changed Dr's sooner, but I wanted to give my old one a chance at redemption.  After 3 yrs of banging my head on a wall, I simply couldn't justify seeing her any longer and felt I had no choice but to try a change and see how that worked out.

So, now you're mostly up to date on that front, and it's time for some more fun sharing.  I'd have done different blogs for these were it not for the misfortune of my old laptop........Oh laptop, how I loved ye, you will be sorely missed.  I told you I'd try different methods of using the water color pencils, so I'll include the spray method here today.  I'll put them in order again, from coloring, to spraying to dried.  I will also be including a grey scale entry from a book I thought I'd try, the art work is absolutely stunning, and it's neat to see that I don't have to try and shade, because the shading is done for me, but my first attempt was on a very difficult picture where I had difficulties differentiating one thing from another, and had to guess, is this a this a leaf, etc.....  Though I had difficulty, I think the finished product will lend it's grace in a way everyone should enjoy, and I may research other greyscale artists to see if I can find art that reveals it's edges and items a little less confusingly.  I don't know, maybe I'm just in need of stronger glasses for doing my coloring, or maybe it really was the art on that picture.  When I look through the book, some of it seems like the edges are more apparent and what the item is also.  Perhaps it was just that first picture who's edges were blurred and perhaps that was part of the overall grace of the picture itself.  Either way, I'll share now, since I'm sure you have had enough of my rambling for one day.

I'm not sure if I did the spray technique right, but I don't really see a big difference like I normally do with the brushes.  If you try the technique and get a better result I'd love to see you share it!  Also, if you've got any tips on greyscale art for those seeking therapy through art, I'd love to hear those as well.  Hopefully you enjoy this excerpt and will try some of these things yourself if you haven't already!

Happy Arting!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Water color pencils

My computer was shut down and put aside for the day so I could do my coloring therapy.

I had so much fun trying this out I just had to share.  I didn't plan on doing 2 entries today, but I just had to share, and because of the way the water color pencils changed when you use the paintbrush, I took several photos as I worked so you could see the changes with me.  The set my sister got me has several suggestions you can try.  One is with the paintbrush as you'll see today, another is with damp paper and yet another is to use a spray bottle, I'll likely try all three, but today is just the paintbrush.

I think my sister picked out just the perfect books to try different mediums on.  Sherri Baldy has simple drawings which are quick to color and then using further methods just adds to the fun.  The only issue I had with this so far is the absence of perforated pages because if it's a book to share that would make it easier to remove pages to share with friends or loved ones.  At some point I may have to get chalks to try with this book as well, but that's not something in the works yet.  For now, sharing time!

As you can see, the water color pencils change in intensity, hue and effect as you use them.  I have other brushes, so I may have to play around and see if it all just comes out the same, or if I can get differences with brush style and brush strokes.  Step one is purely the pencil AS a pencil.  The second is illustrating the differences side by side as half was done and the other half was still pencil.  The last of course is the entire piece done with the brush.  Pieces such as this are great to try new mediums on and as you get better, maybe you can add in more complicated pieces.  I think my sister would be awesome with really difficult ones already, but I may have to work my way up to that.

At any rate, have fun testing out your creativity and don't forget to share!!!


I love my sister!

She's just a special person and has a huge heart.  So my mom had a birthday and she got us ALL gifts!!!  How exciting is that!?  I'm so excited about my gift, it's a set of water color pencils and some super cute coloring books that are meant to do with your bestie.  Each picture has a duplicate so that you and your bestie can do them together!  I had seen the books online but hadn't taken a closer look so I didn't know it was like that but how cute is that?

I took a picture so you can see just how cute they are!  I think this will be a short post just because I've only had a few hours of sleep every day since coming off that medicine, so though it's out of my system it's still affecting me.  I sure hope it stops soon.

I get to see my new doctor tomorrow, and hopefully she's a better listener than the last.  I guess I'll just have to let you know how that goes.  If all goes well she'll walk up my dosage of metformin and just like previously I'll shed about 45 pounds in a month, which sounds dangerously high, but it would be completely due to proper dosing for my PCOD, and I'm also hoping she will rectify the notations suggesting diabetes since I never was tested positively for it, and so it shouldn't be there.

We'll find out in the morning, in the meantime PICTURE!!!