Thursday, June 2, 2016


I love my sister!

She's just a special person and has a huge heart.  So my mom had a birthday and she got us ALL gifts!!!  How exciting is that!?  I'm so excited about my gift, it's a set of water color pencils and some super cute coloring books that are meant to do with your bestie.  Each picture has a duplicate so that you and your bestie can do them together!  I had seen the books online but hadn't taken a closer look so I didn't know it was like that but how cute is that?

I took a picture so you can see just how cute they are!  I think this will be a short post just because I've only had a few hours of sleep every day since coming off that medicine, so though it's out of my system it's still affecting me.  I sure hope it stops soon.

I get to see my new doctor tomorrow, and hopefully she's a better listener than the last.  I guess I'll just have to let you know how that goes.  If all goes well she'll walk up my dosage of metformin and just like previously I'll shed about 45 pounds in a month, which sounds dangerously high, but it would be completely due to proper dosing for my PCOD, and I'm also hoping she will rectify the notations suggesting diabetes since I never was tested positively for it, and so it shouldn't be there.

We'll find out in the morning, in the meantime PICTURE!!!