Wednesday, January 25, 2017

One Down

Now I'm caught up on the card/envelopes so I can share them with you.

I think I already said there are scores that show you where to fold them, and if not....they do.  This makes life a little easy so you know you're doing it as it was meant to be done.

I've been a bit busy running, so hopefully things will settle a bit and I can be more mindful of making entries for people to read.  At any rate, I think my brain is broken, so I'll be keeping things brief today and perhaps do a bit more at a later time.  I think I caught pictures of all sides of the cards and envelopes for you to see, so it will be helpful.

Hopefully you enjoy today's entry!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Catching up on the rules

Since I let you know I was breaking the rules, I of course, had to go back and fix them.

I'm not quite done fixing the rules yet, but I'm working on it.  My sister and mother shared some of their work with me when I went over, but I didn't snap photos.  They do good work as you may remember from previous posts, and it made me happy to see their pictures.  I took books over with me to house/pet sit at my sister's so there's a few to add from then.  Also, a new book/company to introduce.

The new books are from a company called Creatively Calm studios.  In this set there were three books and since I purchased from them, they also let you sign up if you wish for a weekly picture.  You can also use a monthly service from them if you like and get 7 pictures a week I think for a small fee, I think it was $7.  I think that's a nice perk if you decide to use it.  They have different sets of three books, and each set covers different things.  I got the one that had butterflies, henna designs and landmarks.  All in all, they offer some great items and perks so is worth a look.

I also did a picture from the Brother's Grimm coloring book.  I had fun doing this one, of the ugly step sisters, and tried my best to make them as garish and ugly as possible.  It's always fun to revisit one's childhood and relive tales you remember, so it's just a fun book to have.

I finished up one of the cards and envelopes from a couple entries ago, and am still working on the other one, which I'll share for you when they're complete.  Then I will also have to catch up on the Johanna's Christmas pages as well.  So there are lots of things coming, as well as other new books to review that have been put aside and are waiting my attention.  For now, enjoy today's entries.

Hopefully you'll love the entries from today and share your favorite things with us too!