Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Wise Owl

So last post I showed you the two examples of the owls in Ms. Marotta's book.

This will be a short post, just containing the owl.  I'm going house sitting for a few days so of course, I will likely be taking something with me to color over there.  It will just be me and the puppies until Sunday, and I usually get a little sidetracked and maybe a little bit lonesome, but there will be old movies for company.  Anyway, enjoy today's entry of a horned owl.

As always feel free to add your art and comments!

Friday, September 9, 2016


Another short post.

I missed my lunch with my mom today, not sure what happened but I suddenly got sick and didn't want to chance making others sick.  I was nearly done getting ready to head out the door and it just hit me from no where. I hate having missed it, because I always enjoy spending time with mom.  I have an appointment at the VA in the morning, so hopefully that goes well.  It's kind of nice having them on a weekend day because there are so few ppl there and a lot of ppl makes my anxiety go up pretty high.

Ok, enough about that, I will be posting a picture from Ms Marotta's book of jellyfish, I made one all purples and one all pinks.  The lighting when I took the picture seems to change some of the colors a little bit, but it still looks nice.  This was a simpler picture, so took less time than some of the ones from her with so many tiny details, but it was still a few days in the making.  The next one is highly detailed, and the one following let's the person coloring add things if they want to, by way of drawing, which I'm really not very good at, so not sure if I will do that one or save it to maybe do with someone else that might be better at drawing things, as a collaberative project.  We will see.  Ms Marotta has several in her books like that, meant to help your creativity, and I do wish I were more talented in that area, but I'm happy I can color like a boss anyway.

I added the two owl pictures to give you an idea of how Ms Marotta does her pictures where she leaves a lot of blank space for you to get creative with your own view of how to add things.

Even though it wasn't as detailed as some of her art, I thoroughly enjoyed coloring this.  I would love to see some of your art, feel free to link pictures in the comments and enjoy your therapy!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Millie Marotta Sea Scape

Today's entry is a sea scape in one of my favorite books.

I love it because it is whimsical, but also because of the minute details that take longer to color making it a day or week long project.  It's nice to just do something a little bit at a time because then as you go, you can also change what you had originally envisioned the end project to be.  Sometimes you may not even envision something as finished, but may just take each project piece and color as it comes.  I will say I tend to do projects in balance, with each side mirroring the other.

I've run into other people that love her art as much as I do, with different people in their family owning different books.  That would be neat too, to see what my family did as opposed to my view of a certain picture.  Next is another sea scape, this time jelly fishes, as opposed to the one I'm posting today, which is of sea "plant life" in it's various forms.

I hope you enjoy my portrayal of this entry, and if you have one to share, I'd love to see it!