Saturday, September 3, 2016

Millie Marotta Sea Scape

Today's entry is a sea scape in one of my favorite books.

I love it because it is whimsical, but also because of the minute details that take longer to color making it a day or week long project.  It's nice to just do something a little bit at a time because then as you go, you can also change what you had originally envisioned the end project to be.  Sometimes you may not even envision something as finished, but may just take each project piece and color as it comes.  I will say I tend to do projects in balance, with each side mirroring the other.

I've run into other people that love her art as much as I do, with different people in their family owning different books.  That would be neat too, to see what my family did as opposed to my view of a certain picture.  Next is another sea scape, this time jelly fishes, as opposed to the one I'm posting today, which is of sea "plant life" in it's various forms.

I hope you enjoy my portrayal of this entry, and if you have one to share, I'd love to see it!