Wednesday, May 11, 2016

6 birds

It's been a few more days and now there are 6 lovely birds done.

I went to mom's today and she shared her coloring with me.  She's doing a lovely job in her books, and even did one in the cute post card books I found for her for mother's day.  So proud she's liking her gifts and proud of her for taking time out to do fun things.  I hope it makes her feel awesome.  She said she felt a little overwhelmed when she first started feeling like she couldn't do it, or maybe bet it done.  I'm not sure.  But she found she could and does a beautiful job.  She's been mixing mediums, pencils and pens, AND shading with other colors to come up with the colors she sees in her mind's eye when there isn't a pen or pencil in that color.

I'll share the progress I've mad on this large picture I've shared in the previous few posts.

So happy my mom and sis are getting into the swing of coloring and perhaps they will share either here or other places if and when they're ready.  I am super excited to give my mom the last of her presents for this month since it's also her birthday month.  I'll just give a small hint in case she reads this, I would have LOVED to have something like this from my Grandmother's before they passed.  They always told such great stories about when they were little girls, and other such things, so hopefully this will help my mom pass on some of her own stories to my nephews and niece.  I may take a picture of what it is to post about AFTER I give it to her, SO SUPER EXCITED and hope she loves it LOL.

Anyway, more later when I've progressed a bit more.  Happy coloring!!!