Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Ok so the birds are finally done!

Yay, as you can see, no reason to fret if you can't finish a picture all at once, so just have fun with it.  There are less complicated and smaller pictures too, that can be done quicker.  The more detail there is, the longer it seems to take to complete.  Also, do what you love.  I've been doing this for far longer than it's been popular....what can I say, I'm a trend setter!!!! WOOOO GO ME!!!  If you see a "kids" book that appeals to you, get it!  I have TONS of them, precious moments, Hello Kitty, Monster's Inc.  You name it I probably have it or have had it.  The plus to adult books is that they have heavier, more expensive paper, that stands up better to heavier mediums, and some that have only one side so that you can use water colors, chalks etc, and some with tear away pages.  I recently even saw a color it yourself STICKER ONE!  NEATO!

I'm one that has to do every page from beginning on, but there are those that just start where ever and away they go!  Don't worry too much if you're a bit on the anal side, everyone gets to the end at some point regardless if they start at the beginning or at the end.  I also have to do EVERY page, including title pages LOL....yes, I am just THAT anal about it.

So as promised here are my beautiful birds fully finished,yes I gave it a background using the pencils sort of like I would use a chalk for filler, on the side to give a barely there color.  I like it, it's a LITTLE whimsical, though I don't think I achieved total whimsy LOL.

I just also did a few other ones I'll include from a fun book I found also an adult one, but with a bit of the remembrance of things past, it's a brother's Grimm book.  The opening page reminds me of a Van Gogh page I'll also include because the opening page reminds me of Starry Night.

LOL and yes I had to add the next page too because I colored the letters, the bat, AND the publisher's logo.......told you!  You can find almost anything that might appeal to you if you just look.  Find your niche, sit down and color your way to HAPPPPYYYYYY!!!

Happy coloring!