Saturday, May 25, 2013


Ok, so for a few weeks I had my crash on Friday night sleeping a large portion of Friday through Saturday.

That's progress since before I was not sleeping for weeks at a time, then I might have a crash for one or more days giving me a false sense of security thinking that I'm going to be able to sleep....maybe.  Well, in the past few days, I've been sleeping for a few hours at a time, one or more times a day, it's unpredictable when this might happen.  I'm still exhausted from overall lack of sleep, but it seems that it might be moving toward a better outcome....?  I'm hitting REM sleep during some of the 2-3 hour naps, so that's a good thing I think, since you need REM for long/short term memory, and also to get more restful sleep.

It could just be that it's been months since I slept normally for any period of time, or it could be that my body is trying to say, you know what, I really like sleep and I'm gonna have some!  I'm not sure yet what will happen of course, and I do a lot of "resting" hoping for sleep at the moment since I am so tired all the time and sleep seems to come whenever it wants to and not necessarily when I want it to, but it's not really restful rest since the whole time you're thinking of wanting, wishing for, or wondering if sleep might happen LOL.  It's kind of ridiculous really.

Also, on my past birthday, my mother gave me a wonderful pair of shoes that went well with a skirt that I'd gotten, but also a pair of fuzzy socks.  I think I may have blogged about fuzzy socks at some point in the past, but those posts have been long gone, so I'll just reiterate.  Fuzzy socks are one of the world's greater goods, and it's my express opinion that if everyone had some, there wouldn't be any war in the world!  Ok, so maybe that's a bit extreme and far fetched, but it could happen!

Anyway, the pair my mother gave me is so soft I just love them!  If I could wear them forever I would, but alas I must change socks when they get dirty......sigh.  So, I'll have to try and find out if she remembers where she got them because they are some of the nicest ones I have.  When you put them on, they're so soft your feet say aaaaah, and it's just like your feet are getting a lovely hug all day long.  I think they had some kind of foot softening thing in them too, which could account for the softness, but yep, they're some of my very favorite ones!  THANKS MOM!  I'm also wearing my flamingo pj's my mommy got me, they're comfy too LOL.  AH PJ'S and FUZZY SOCKS!

The answer to all world strife......I salute you!