Sunday, May 12, 2013

Le Sigh

The problem with insomnia is it is tricksy!

You go and go and go and go on little to no sleep until you're finally so exhausted you sleep until you're dehydrated.  Then, being well rested, you get a false sense of security, go to bed and roll this way and that for 8 hours until you finally give up.  Friday night was my night of exhaustion, which turned out well for Saturday since I had dinner with my family for Mother's Day.  So of course, armed with my false sense of security, I marched to bed last night to find that sleep was but a dream.......

After tossing and turning, turning and tossing, I had exactly 0 sleep.  If I get lucky, I might get tired enough for a nap, but I can't let it be more than that since I have to go to court Tuesday, and I'd like to not have a topsy turvy kind of schedule beforehand.

I definitely won't complain since I had restful sleep and a lot of it, though it's a bit strange to wake up so dehydrated and disoriented that you have trouble walking straight.  There have been times when I have my crash that I sleep for nearly 24 hours straight.  It's unpredictable, and probably should be a big concern, but my body needs the rest, so what else can I do but let it have it when it finally is determined to have it?

One day, hopefully soon, I'll have better rest more often and on a more constant basis.  But for that to happen, the medical issues need to be addressed.  Last night's difficulty was both my hands and feet and back pain all together.  Some times it's just one or the other, some days it's anxiety, headaches or whatever decides to manifest that particular day.

All in all, it's just a huge pain in the butt.