Friday, May 10, 2013

Good Morning!!!.......?

I should probably keep a sleep chart or something.

Since I had so little sleep, my body was utterly exhausted and I fell asleep at 630 pmish.....that's when I last checked the clock so it may have been closer to 7.  My neighbors were being very kind, generous and thoughtful and decided to slam their doors and bang the walls around midnight, and now I'm wide awake again.  I was hoping to at least sleep until the early hours of the morning....and though this counts as early morning, it's a bit too much like middle of the night.

I don't mind when my schedules shift to waking in the early morning nearly as much as I mind when they shift to falling asleep in late morning and sleeping through afternoon etc.  To me, that wastes an entire time of day when things are normally open, people are normally awake etc and it causes me to get extremely stressed.  That also makes it hard to make, keep etc appointments at any specific time because you're exhausted to begin with and not knowing when your body may allow sleep to come or for how long multiplies the effect.

At least I got close to 5 hours, which for me right now is pretty darn good.  So I can't complain too awfully much.  Had my neighbor not decided to fight slam or whatever is going on over there I may have even gotten somewhat close to a full night's rest, even though I may have woken early in the daytime.  That would have been perfectly fine with me.

I have lunch with my family this Saturday, so hopefully a little rest is forthcoming, and at some kind of logical time so that meeting people is not a complete stress.  I hate being exhausted when I try to do things.  It's no fun for me, and I'm sure I'm not very good company for them either.  I also have court this upcoming Tuesday afternoon, even though I told the police I didn't want to press charges on the young man that was drunk and kept knocking on my door and eventually tried to push his way in.  I think he was just drunk and confused, not really trying to come into my house so much as he thought he knew who lived here and wanted in out of the rain.  I guess the state picks up whatever they feel the need to pick up regardless of whether we want them to or not.  Besides he's in enough trouble without additional charges being trumped up on him as it is.

If they give me time or license to speak freely, I'll probably make that point known.  I'm sick of our country and legal systems pushing the envelope and trying to make bigger law breakers of us all.  I'm sure that right now, sitting here and blogging, I'm probably breaking some inane law that could land me in prison/jail and those of you reading it in jail as well.  There's probably some law against breathing by now........Ok maybe that's a little ridiculous, but seriously, they're getting ridiculous with laws these days.

Things like aggravated menacing.   What the EFF is that anyway?  If I look at someone and say GRRR, am I guilty?  I'm sorry, but I really think there should be laws, but going nuts with them is a bit out of hand.

At any rate, the point is, I'm hopeful that sleeping is at some kind of logical time to cover all of these times and things I must do in the near future, and such that I won't be exhausted while trying to do them.