Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Damn you MURPHY!

Murphy's Law......chit happens.

So, you know when you pay your cell phone bill, and a few hours later your cell phone just decides to not boot up and just stare at you with the login screen?  Well, it's a fine example of Murphy's Law.  I was so mad you can't even understand.  I hadn't slept since my Fri/Sat crash session, paid my bill, phone died, called tech support from another phone, recording asks for obscure pin after ensuring you're calling from another phone, sends pin........to broken phone that won't turn on.......such intelligence.  Paid for handset protection, extra in bill every month for over a yr for pc of mind........new handset costs money.

In short, cricket sucks.  I've never had such shoddy or shady business practices from another company, until after 15 yrs with Sprint, at which time they changed my coverage without telling me and tried to chg me a butt load of money, which was why I changed to cricket in the first place.  On the up side, you could get a new phone every yr for free if you wanted to, and even when I accidentally spilled water on my phone they replaced it completely at NO COST to me.....and that was MY fault.

A pc of chit phone that just decides to "reboot" and never turn back on is far from being my fault, and yet even with coverage on the pc of chit, they won't replace it.  I'm looking into verizon, there's a turn on fee for me since my credit is less than perfect, so I'll have to save my pennies to get that to go.  It's ok though, Cricket showed me that their customer service and business practices are as huge a pc of chit as the equipment they send out.  ERGO......lesson learned and in less than 15 yrs so I can now go to a more reputable company, who when you DO purchase protection replaces handsets at NO cost to you.  AND they can add my bill onto my existing cable bill so rather than paying 2 diff places I can pay one.  So though overall it's more, it's less hassle.

Wish me luck, LOL, *shakes fist at Murphy*  I'll get you yet!