Sunday, June 23, 2013

Inundated with Messages

Today, all day, I've had little tidbits of things coming to me.  Rather than clog my status on FB with more of them, I thought I'd try and recall and put them all down here.  That way there is some record of the things that have been coming to me.

At one point a funny thought came to mind, that I could perhaps start the 1st Edition of the Christian Dictionary.


  • Those people that God in his wisdom provide to us to guide us when our conscience or common sense fail us.
  • Those that love us enough to be brave and tell us when we're being stupid, even though they know it might make us angry.
  • Those who know our faults, weaknesses, trials, tribulations.  Who know we may be battered and bruised or even broken and they love us, not despite it, but perhaps because of it.
  • Those that God provides either by blood, marriage or love to help us through the rough times.
  • Things we try to hide because even those that follow Satan or the ways of the world find them abhorrent. 
  • Things we feel compelled to hide because we know we are doing wrong, hurtful and unjustified things to others.
  • Things that can never be hidden from God or Satan.  God weeps, Satan rejoices.
  • Things we tell others when we can not face the shame in what we are doing.
  • More things that make God weep and Satan rejoice.
  • The act of doing wrong to others and expecting them to accept it and bear it as their own fault, insofar as lording it above them.
  • Expecting others to suffer in silence while we take advantage of them, disregarding their feelings and living as if the world were there to cater to our every whim.
  • The act of being completely self absorbed, living for self, and being egocentric.
  • That which God graced us with to let us know right from wrong, just from unjust, and that which all too often is ignored or stamped down.
  • That which, when we choose not to listen to it causes us to lie, forgetting that if we must lie, we ought not be doing what we are.
  • See Family.
  • That which we can find in "every day events" and proves the existence of God in it's extraordinary rareness.
  • God's grace in providing for us those who seek to love us, even though we are imperfect creatures and do not deserve it.  He gives it to us anyway.

I may have forgotten some, but if I think of them I'll have to come back and amend this or write another post.