Thursday, December 1, 2016

First Water Color Painting attempt and another Sherri Baldy Book

I decided to do this book because there are two of each entry in the Besties books by Ms Baldy.

I think I reviewed two books by her, I'll have to look back in my posts, but this is a third one, Big Beautiful Fluffy Girls Volume One.  This book features girls that have a little more meat on their bones but are cute and pretty none the less.  Ms Baldy's books are popular with a lot of people, and I think when she did the fluffy besties, they kind of sold far more than she probably anticipated.  Her artwork is cute and simple which makes coloring them quick and easy without too much stress on tiny details so it is easier for those with vision problems, but when I view coloring done by others, there is a LOT of detail in the shading and finished projects by others.  I'm amazed at how beautifully, and lovingly people complete their coloring.

You can see a LOT of other people's art work on Ms. Baldy's facebook page, or at Ms. Marotta's website.  It's great to see so many who take coloring so seriously, and own their art.  While I've been coloring nonstop since childhood, I still see those who are doing this, far above my own skill level.  I love seeing it to be honest, and I'm hoping that they get the fullest benefits out of their coloring as well.  There are so many benefits to coloring, I've stated them before, and can again, but it's just amazing what you can get out of something you put into for free time, or relaxing time, beyond just having a pretty picture to see.

I did try my new water color paint set, and had ordered some inexpensive brushes, though, I'm afraid, I'm just not as adventurous or brave as others.  I think my sister would be a great one to explore the world of water color painting.  She'd probably have used EVERY SINGLE brush, whereas I only got brave enough to try one, and it was the smallest one I could find so that I wouldn't overdo the water aspect.  Also, my anal retentive nature precluded me from trying to mix colors, and I was VERY careful not to mess up my colors in the water color palette I it isn't always easy to be adventurous when you're just that anal LOL.  I think most craft stores offer classes in this or that art venue, and I'm not sure if they're free, or if they cost, but I might have to look at this if I'm to further explore water color, or I might have to research on my own to see techniques to share.  Either way, I'm sure you'll get a laugh out of my pictures as I knew.........KNEW that my colors would be pristine before AND after my painting, so I thought I'd take pictures to share so you could get a giggle.

I also had a cup of water for yellow/red/blue as they are primary colors so that I wouldn't mess up my palette.  I tore out the page so that the ones further in wouldn't get wet, and Ms. Baldy's book was "waxy" so I simply put the page to paint on top so I had a good foundation for it.  At any rate, I'll share the pictures for you so you can giggle and hopefully get enjoyment out of my "exploration" of water color painting.

As you can see, the paint set I got came with a brush, but the set of brushes I got were not expensive, and are meant to help me explore and share water color painting with you if I can get better with my technique.  Each type is meant for shading, coloring etc, but as I said before, I only used one for my first attempt.  And of course, I showed the before and after of the paint set so you could giggle at my tendency to be so very anal in things I do.  I don't think it's the worst ever first water color painting attempt, but I'm pretty sure it's also not the best ever as I'm sure that somewhere on this earth someone picked up a brush and paints their first time and created something amazing as their natural talent and eye would allow for them to do.  I'm also sure that their palette was not likely to have been kept so pristine as they likely mixed colors to come up with new colors to lend whatever effect they needed to their art.

I'm sure I'll be attempting this again on other paper types and books, but as I'm no expert, if you want to learn more I'd certainly encourage you to seek out other sources for their advice on how to better create the effects you'd like to see, and as always, f you make attempts, I'd love to see your art too!