Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A New Book by John Bigwood

The title is A Million Christmas Cats: Festive Felines to Color.

Yes it's another Christmas book.....yaaaay!!! Although it's more wintery than Christmasy I think.  The drawings are of pleasantly plump kitties doing various things or representing various things such as the lead in/cover where they appear even as snow flakes.  This lets the mind wander a bit to let your creativity run a little on the wild side.  I did the first three entries, naturally, since there was a title page and an intro.  Also, we have a new medium which I used on the first few pages, and I'll discuss the pluses and minuses of this.

I ordered 2....yes 2 sets of markers, I got birthaday money last month from my sissy so that was a fun thing to get and try out.  I love how markers lend that vibrancy that you would love to pictures, I think the gel pens did that even more so.  I'd say mix mediums for different effects too and it might make for interesting pages.  What you might want to look out for are the bleed through effects.  I'd say the easiest pages to use are one sided and putting bleed through pages in between your book pages or tearing out the page to color to protect the integrity of the other art pieces.  I usually do this on two sided books anyway to protect it from the ink bleeding over from the printing process, but it will serve you well with markers to use several sheets.

When I was using the markers I was also reminded of the effect I noticed as a child and forgot about.  As you use markers, the integrity of the paper can be breached with soaking, so that as you go over a spot more than one time, you may notice fibers of the paper coming off the rest of the paper from the wetness.  I would encourage using thicker paper and attempting one go over to try and avoid this effect unless you were looking for that effect in the art as it also can lend an additional feature, perhaps on hair or fur that might soften it or make it appear more like hair.  I'm sure other people might have more input on what you can do with that effect or where it might work for you.  You can also try printing pages from your books to practice on if you are trying to come up with your own style of using this medium.

I'll first post the pages from the book and then I'll post the markers and how they came packaged for you, so you can see what to expect if you decide to order some for yourself.  I used the markers on the first few pages and I think you might be able to see some of the bleed through on those, and then switched to colored pencils for the 3rd one.  I could see a little bleed through from the markers on this page as well, but I'm not sure how that photographed, so I'm not sure if it'll be apparent to you.  This was a two sided book, so not the best choice for this medium but the pages were also thicker, so there was perhaps less bleed through here than there would have been on other books.

Hopefully you will enjoy the pictures shared here, and of course if you have helpful hints I'd love to see them shared!