Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ms. Baldy Books and Another Christmas Book

Last post I couldn't recall if I'd reviewed all the books I had from Ms. Baldy.

I had received a few from my sister on my mother's birthday this year.  She got everyone gifts, it was a great surprise.  I'll post the covers from that, and also share a picture my niece did for me when I babysat in June.  We did one from the Birthday book by Ms. Baldy, and she kept the one I did, and I kept hers, it was a great time to have a book with two prints.  We also tried our hand at drawing, and I'll put that here, when we draw, my niece copies me, so I try to go slowly and make things simple so she can follow along.  Our drawings were from a child's show called shimmer and shine.  I had taken over the water color pencils from my sister because I thought it'd be great fun to color with her and then water color them with the brushes, and we did have fun doing that and much more together.

The Christmas book I'm reviewing is a small one that I'd gotten last year from the Hallmark store.  I've only just gotten to color in this one.  It's got tear away pages, and also there are some things in this that are meant to be taken out and used to decorate.  It's called Christmas Designs by Peter Pauper Press.  I'll first post those photos and then follow them by the covers of the books of Ms. Baldy, and then my niece's drawings and art.  I think she does a bang up job for a 4 year old.....then again, she could say hippopotamus at the age of two, so she's a pretty smart cookie.

Hopefully you enjoy today's sharing, and will share with us too!  Happy Arting!!!