Thursday, December 22, 2016

Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken is a great way to cook for the amount of people you need to, and also is more healthy than other cuts of meats.

I've found that the cooking temperature and time varies little whether it's straight from the freezer or you thaw/marinate it.  There are so many easy ways to prepare chicken, so there's probably little chance of getting tired of it, unless you have no imagination.  Today I prepared Chicken Teriyaki straight from the freezer.  What I mean is, the chicken didn't thaw and so was easier to cut into bite size pieces since it wasn't "slipping" on the cutting board as it might thawed.  I buy the bags of skinless boneless breast pieces, so there's little fat.

I cooked the chicken first in a large wok style pan since it took longest to cook, then added the frozen veggies later.  I chose a pepper blend, though you can use broccoli, carrots or whatever you like.  I added that when the chicken was mostly done, and added some teriyaki marinade.  You can either do that or make it yourself from soy, ginger, garlic etc.  I'm sure there are dozens of recipes out there.  But I went for quick and easy.

I can pretty much cook anything, by taste if I must, but I have never mastered rice.  Well that and fried chicken....either it's done on the outside or inside but never both......LOL I may at some point, when I have a kitchen larger than a teacup, invest in a rice cooker, but that's impractical for my current kitchen, so I used minute rice......  I know, it's probably horrible for you since it comes in a bag and isn't straight from the rice plant to table, but it's what I can handle rice wise.....and believe me, I've used EVERY technique out there, and followed directions to a T and still just can not do rice from plant to table LOL.  It's ok though, I will cheat.

At any rate, I'll share the pictures of it as I cooked it for you, it really was little prep/cook time, and though I cooked extra so I didn't have to cook tomorrow, you can easily adjust for one or two people by using less chicken or veggies.  I think all in all, it might have been a whopping 30 minutes from freezer to table and it was delicious and easy, and unless you really want to add more spices, is great with just the sauce added and cooked in a little  while the veggies cook.

I have put instructions for easy chicken and dumplings on my FB page before, but if people like/want, I can always add directions here.