Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Christmas Book

A new book to review for this post, and as per usual, I had to color the intro pages leading into the actual pages.

This book is Jingle Bells A Christmas Carol Coloring book by Odessa Begay.  This is just a smaller book, but it's a fun one, with nostalgic style drawings by Ms. Begay.  I enjoyed coloring the first few pages, which took me back to the days when people Caroled without fear of being shot or attacked as they might today.  It's been years since I've heard of or seen any Carolers in any neighborhood, and I miss that.  We used to do that when we were little with our church children's choir.  I don't know if my brothers or sister liked it, but I did, and I loved afterwards when we'd go back to the church and have hot chocolate and christmas cookies.

Hopefully you'll find some things this year that take you back to times you loved too.  I think you'll agree that this book is filled with drawings that take you back too.  I'm sure to have more Christmas books to review this year, one is actually from last year, and I got it after the end of season, but you never know you might be able to find it somewhere if you like it.  For the moment, enjoy today's entry!

I'm sure I'll be posting more before Christmas, but hopefully this season will keep you light-hearted and merry!