Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Another Millie Marotta Book

So, it's voting day, and I just completed a picture from another remarkable Millie Marotta book, Wild Savannah.

While I try and keep my PTSD in check as the news is on and the news is something that triggers rage in me, but I am listening to the weeble and wobble of two very unpopular candidates run for the Whitehouse.  I began with listening while I finished this picture, and now I'm hoping the blogging will aid in keeping me calmer....I've had a few outbursts so far, but they've been minor.  At any rate, the picture is done and then I'll do one for the final book from her before choosing whether to go back to the first one I got from her collection or something else.

A few updates, I did hear from the VA, which has increased me from 50% to 70%, so while it's going in the right direction it's still not yet completed.  This means more anxiety and fighting from me, to get them to finally increase it to where it should be, but it will be a little easier to breathe with a little more income while I'm continuing to fight.  I'm not the only one that has had a lengthy fight with the VA, and I'm sure I won't be the last, but I will say, though it's been long and tedious, and it does a number on me because of my anxiety, the people at the VA have tried their best to not exacerbate things, though simply making me continue to need to fight does this, they have not actively sought to make things worse on me.

I will keep this short so I can get back to coloring and trying to keep myself calm.  This entry is of birds in a grassland, all of this book deals with different grasslands in different areas of the world, so I can look forward to a lot of different animals throughout this book.

Hopefully you're getting all you can from your coloring too, and I will, as always look forward to seeing your artwork too!