Saturday, October 29, 2016

Red Hat Fun and a New Book

So, I told you I go to red hat functions with my mommy because it's a fun way to spend time with her.

Today we had the Halloween party we've got to together for the past few years.  I took a few pictures, but perhaps far too few, I should have taken more, but the ones I did take are a little fun.  The first picture I'll share is of one of the winners, she won the category most likely to scare the dog, it was great, she even had a stick broom.  Her costume was complete with a corset which was awesome, and I might have to contact her to find out how she ordered since it wasn't for someone super thin, which was totally cool.  I won't say names since I'm not sure people would be ok with that, and also I don't know the names of all.

Next to her is my mom's bestie, and partner in hilarity....I told her before that I should follow them around and do a vlog on their misadventures because they get into some funny situations.  Like last year, when her friend pulled the tab on one of the speaking dolls, so mom had to buy it, and everyone liked it so much and thought it was so funny that ppl in the store were calling other states to tell their family and friends about this doll.  Needless to say, it was a seasonal favorite last Christmas, and the stores kept selling out.  She won for cutest costume in her pirate getup, and behind our table you see more witches and also a sandra dee.....or bobby soxer complete with saddle shoes and lavender poodle on her skirt, very cute.  The next picture I tried to get all the ladies that came, or at least the ones that were there at the time.

Mom didn't turn around, so you get to see the lovely back of her head, and sort of see some of the other winners, such as the supergirl.  But the next picture will either frighten you, or make you laugh so hard, it's the lady that won best overall costume, which I thought was brave of her, and also it reminded me of the things Carol Burnett used to wear.  Just remembering her cracked me up, not to mention the story of her grandson being sent a picture of it by his mom, and his response being a simple JESUS!!!  Enjoy!  I didn't get a picture of the clever homemade costume of the lady that came as one of the barbie know the ones little girls get that they can make up, and curl/cut/style etc. complete with a table of the needed barbie styling items to play with your barbie bust.

Loooove the tassels.  Very stylish for any lady.  I did win a few prizes with bingo, and I figured what the heck I'll post those too.  I always ask mom what she wants cause I try and give them to her, but she never takes them LOL.

I thought the wallet was great, my phone even fits in there!

Anyway, I also thought I'd share some more new books, I have all the Millie Marotta ones.  The next picture is from her Animal Kingdom book.  I'll do the other two books next, maybe one at a time, because some of her pictures are detail intense and the details can tend to the small side so a little tricky to fill in.  The one for today is a very elaborate octopus, and I did enjoy coloring this one.  I hope you enjoy seeing it.

As always, it's my pleasure to share and I look forward to your responses and sharing!!!