Saturday, October 1, 2016

Birds in Paradise

Not really in the mood to blog, but meh, here's the latest addition.

From Ms. Marotta's book, it's a two page entry of birds of paradise in flight.  Once again she's done a wonderful job of adding things in a whimsical and beautiful way, though it really brought me no pleasure to color this, I tried to patiently sit and watch it take form.  I had told the doctor not to up or add any more meds because I'm bottoming out as far as my bp goes, when I'm taking it I'm about 117/70 ish, and after meds it's dropping to at least 107ish......

I'm still waiting on decisions that were supposed to take one to two months, and it's now past on that venue, and the other which could take up to a year, so working on year 5 of that venue.  One day everything will be done and settled, today is not that day.

Once again, I hope you all get all you should from coloring, and I look forward to seeing your work.