Sunday, October 16, 2016


So last entry I had a sort of kaleidoscope, and this entry is similar, but is much more like a flower.

This was not as intensely detailed as some of Ms. Marotta's art, and so I was able to finish this with a little more speed than some, but I always take my time, and try to enjoy my time with any piece I complete.  This piece was a little more difficult to enjoy because I had hit a bit of a depression, and my anxiety, worry etc was a little in overdrive.  It doesn't help that I'm horrible at remembering to take my anxiety pills when I'm supposed to each morning and afternoon and night.  My pill minder helps a bit, at least to remember the night time medications, but the morning ones, I tend to forget as I'm just waking up, but I do my best not to get mad at myself the times I do forget.

My anxiety has also taken on a life all it's own, and I now get nauseas if I got places that are crowded, and have other issues afterwards as well, but I try my best to be in my own bubble when I do have to be around other people and block the crowds out.  Sometimes I'm a little better with it than other times, but I always try to make trips short and at odd times of the day to also help with this.

At any rate, I continue to pour myself into coloring to try and help with my personal calming tools, to keep me as anxiety free as I can.  I hope you enjoy the flower, I tried to do gradations of color, but one specific part annoyed me because I'd used two different reds and yet when they were on paper, it was too close to be noticeable.

I always hope that others will share their art also, and look forward to the time they do, until then enjoy, and I hope you get the most out of your art!