Monday, November 28, 2016

Black Friday and the Christmas Season

We all know why it's called Black Friday.....because to be "in the black" means profits for businesses.

But, I've been contemplating a lot of things lately, including why I have never, nor will I ever go out on Black Friday.  It's nothing to do with my anxiety, although, I couldn't handle the crowds at this point in time, I'd be on the floor in a full anxiety attack for sure, or darn close to if I manage to push it down, and would likely be trampled because of it.  But no, that's not my reason for not going.  Even prior to this debilitating anxiety, I never did.  Because to me Black Friday means something far more sinister.  The best and worst of humankind comes out on that day, and acts of violence for various reasons is just mind boggling.  Because it's necessary to shoot someone and be carted off to prison for life over someone having gotten the last "in stock" item of choice when you wanted it.  Because pushing, shoving brawling over a piece of clothing is necessary, loss of life to someone's loved ones and having to explain, "well, dear son/daughter (insert name), Mommy/Daddy is dead because someone decided that the lead in day to the official Christmas season was the proper moment to commit murder because he/she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Yes, it is indeed Black Friday for far more reasons than we admit to ourselves, but there is also opportunity to do good, even on that day.  What we take from it depends on what we put into it.  We can be part of the blackness and bleakness of this day each year, or we can be determined to either boycott this day, stay home, or should we go out, be of help to others rather than a hindrance.  I look for a day when this day and this season, which is my favorite time of year, shows all the best in humanity and the ugliness is pushed far far below into the depths of anonymity.  Every year, I pray that no mishaps or violence happens on this day, and every year I am disappointed in humanity.  I feel for the families of those who lose their lives, or are subject to acts of violence and thus must explain that ugliness happens to their children, or grandchildren etc, even in such special times that should be meant for and filled with love.  Love of family and our fellow man.

I will continue to hope for and pray that this day each year will see a lack of violence towards others, until such a time as this happens.

That having been said, I also contemplated about Santa Clause.  Granted, we all know there is a basis in history for a figure that did deliver oranges etc to needy children during this time of year, and thus the story began, and grew.  I however, believe that Santa does exist, in the hearts and minds of every man, woman and child who sees others in need, and reaches out if they can, or points them in the right direction for help if they can't.  It's something that happens more at this time of year, because this time of year reminds us to be kind and loving to others.  But, there are those that have this spirit all year round, and they are the ones who are the true Santa's in our world.

It's fun for all of us who are able to do for our families, and get them things that we believe they will like or love, but it's even more sweet to do for someone you may never see, but know that you've done something from your heart to make sure someone else has a good memory, whether it be this time of year or something that they will treasure every day.  I am by no means a wealthy person, but I do try to do for others when I can.  I just wish I could do more.

Just remember, keep the spirit of this time in your hearts all year if you can, let your heart be filled with love an light, and remember, there are a lot of people in this world that would have their day turned around with a kind word, a door held, or some small bit of help you can offer.  Then maybe, next year, Black Friday won't be quite so black.