Thursday, September 26, 2013

Autumn Lessons

In a disposable world, we find that everything is "disposable".

People seem to think everything is disposable.  We throw away furniture that's well worn, electronics past their "top of the line" date, pets that they think are too much problem and even people.  Autumn was a 6 week old puppy with some severe medical problems.  Her original owners thought that this was a problem that was too deep, too expensive or too much trouble and so they were going to throw this little doggies life more victim of a disposable lifestyle.  Her last owner saw the gem in her and took her and her medical problems on.  Then Autumn got lost.

I had moments where I questioned the wisdom of a God that would saddle someone like me with a little dog, traumatized as she was and with a problem I knew instinctively was not her fault.  Especially on a "sticky poo" day.  Poor little thing her butt must have itched when the little pooplets didn't just fall off and so she decided to "paint" the carpet with her butt scooting.  That day I had to be proactive, and keep a close eye on her after several carpet scrubbings, all the while assuring little Autumn that it was ok, she wasn't in trouble.  And then washing her hind quarters as gently as I could.  By the end of the day, she didn't necessarily like the tooshy washes, but she was extremely patient and even wagged her tail while I took care of her.

During the 3 weeks she's been with me, we've only had 2 days of sticky poo, so that is definitely a good thing, and only one of those days was multiple times during the day.  The first such day was only a one time thing in the morning.

What I learned from Autumn is possibly more valuable than a lot of lessons I could learn elsewhere.  Autumn chose me, from the hundreds of people that were at the pool at the doggy dive that day.  She saw in me, perhaps a kindred spirit, someone that was battered, bruised and broken.  Perhaps she knew I'd been thrown away as something disposable too.  This little dog had the sweetest temperament of any dog I've known, aside from my little Aceroni, who's been gone now for about 10 years.  She is smart, ultra sensitive, patient, and just a loving little joy.

Granted the problems with her pooper might be a little trying, but everything else about her makes up for that little problem.  Maybe she saw the same thing in me, and that's why she chose to have me take her home and nurse her back to health.  Perhaps she knew that I'd instinctively know that her little pooplets were not her fault and rather than be scolded, I'd be patient with her and do my best to help her through it and calm her anxiety.

I'm glad to say, she seems fully recovered.  I'm also glad to report that her original owner has come forward, gotten things settled and was ready for her to come home.  Little Autumn is now Bubbles (bubbies) once more.  Fatcat and little kitty had never seen a dog before, but they kept the peace during the time she was here.  Perhaps, they too, instinctively knew this little lady had some healing to do, and little kitty had to be the most patient of all, giving up her rightful spot as mommy's hip attachment and making room for a little doggy.  I can say that Fatman(Loki) and little kitty(Ciara) seem fairly joyous to have their home back.  Fatman has been jaunting around the apartment playing as freely as before she arrived, and babykitty has reclaimed her position as mommy's hip attachment.

For my part, I will miss her, and the lessons that came with her.  Nothing is disposable, least of all people and pets.