Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crazy Autumn

LOL yesterday was a fun day.

I woke up and got Autumn as usual.  She loves attention and gets so happy and excited to be let out of the kennel, so I like to spend time with her first thing in the morning.  Well, when I was brushing my teeth I noticed she had a little pooplet stuck to her tooshie.  So I was just about to grab some TP and get it when she started to put her butt on the floor to scoot it.  I said nooooooo (you know, that slomo movie kind while you're diving for the priceless vase).  Not too loud, but she still thought oh crap, I'm in big trouble, and darted out of sight.

I grabbed some TP and looked around for her, and don't you know, she ran into the kennel and was facing the wall like she was in trouble. >.< LOL.  I brought her out and reassured her you're not in trouble but let's get this off you, and then cleaned her up with some wipes.  Then of course I had to give her tons of affection since she was so wounded.

Later, I took her to pet smart and found her a little seatbelt harness.  I've taken her on a few car rides and keep adjusting it, because her name should possibly be Houdini.  She just wiggles herself out of that and I swear I don't know how since it feels snug enough to me, but I tighten it a bit more here and there and try again.

I also noticed some fleas on her, and not knowing when she's been treated, if ever, I went ahead and got some biospot to try that.  I haven't really seen too many on her since then so that's good.

The vet wasn't in when we were there, I got there just after they'd closed, but we did stop in where they do grooming so I could ask how much things like that would be.  She get's a little nervous around bigger animals, but all in all, I think she had a pretty good time.

I still laugh when I give her treats or food and she carries it around for a while until she decides to eat them.