Thursday, July 21, 2016

Compensation and pension Dept VA

So, today I had an early morning appt at the VA for the compensation department.

It was basically a repeat of the one I had about 2 years ago, which I told them everything I told them again today.  Today I stressed that in my original award letter it outlined what should be in order for me to be placed at 100% service connected disability for my issues, which I told the lady that did my appointment today, that I'd told her all of this the first time and that all the situations and symptoms outlined were present then and still now.  So they'll resend it to the people to reevaluate, and they'll look at everything again, that they looked at the first time and hopefully this time it's placed as it should be.

Either way, I was extremely anxious and dizzy and on the verge of another anxiety attack.  I hate having to go back and back and back for things I've already established to fight them again and again, because all it does is cause me more anxiety, which is the thing I've been fighting and trying to avoid and improve all these years.  I hate it, hate it, hate it.  I just want it to be settled and over.

Anyway, with any luck this time it will be settled and over and I won't have to keep fighting.