Friday, July 22, 2016

Another Book and More from a Favorite

I hadn't realized I didn't share these before.

I was testing the hero set of water colors I'd told you about, I didn't end up needing to sharpen them, so I'm not sure if they ended up with all broken leads like the artist's choice set, so I'm hopeful that they didn't I'd hate to have to try and replace them long after having ordered them.  So far they're working well.  And as we all know my anal tendencies mean that I have to color from the front on including title, dedication etc pages, so you will see a few from the dragon flies book before the before and after of the water color.  Then I'll also be sharing another from Ms. Marotta's Tropical World book.

Lots and lots to share today folks, hang on to your hats and enjoy!!!

I started the last entry at my apartment, and finished it while house sitting for my sister.  The light can be a little tricky to color, but it's quiet, and there's a NORMAL people size tub.  I did have to kill 2 black spiders, and we all know I don't like them cause they always try to eat me.......At least there've only been 2 so far!

Anyway, I do hope you all enjoy making your creations beautiful and I love when people share theirs with me!