Monday, August 7, 2017

WOW......and also can't sleep because my mind is wandering over an issue and so I thought I'd blog it.

Has it REALLY been 4 months since my last blog entry?

That is a crazy break!  I took a break from a lot of my hobbies, I sometimes rotate them since I can get a little obsessive compulsive about them.  I might binge read, or binge cross stitch or crosswords, coloring etc.  At any rate, the title kind of says why I'm here at 7 am.  I have had 0 sleep because my mind keeps going over and over an issue.

I had the idea of buying a trailor on a bit of land from someone, and it wouldn't be much.  I'd have some pros and cons about this.  The most obvious and foremost one being that I'm pretty sure I would immediately be saving over $300 in rent.  The only thing is, I'm not sure of the utility costs, so I'm not sure if that would make the "saving" a wash.  But, I think I could have it paid off in a couple of years at that savings of rent, or earlier since it's not a whole lot to begin with.  Maybe a list of pros and cons would help.

Pros                                                                 Cons

rent/mortgage lower                                        I'd be further from my family
I could have this fully paid in a few yrs          I don't know the utilities amts to compare
I'd be on a piece of land so fewer neighbors   break/replace would be my responsibility
MAYBE more money for food/fun stuff         might not be able to make neice playdays etc
no cars near mine at home                               would I be too far to help house sit sis house
space that's actually mine                                indoor/outdoor adopted kitty could get lost

I can't think of more at the moment, I'm sure there are LOTS and some of the cons may merely be perceptions of something and not REALLY an issue.  Part of me says....JUST DO IT.  I mean, I've fallen into some REALLY deep pits before and been able to climb my way out.  This may even be a high point and not something I should even be worrying over so much.  What is really the worst that can happen.  I do it and everything breaks.....well, I've lived in a house before with no electricity etc that was still being finished and had a porta potty, I washed my hair over the edge of a porch and bathed with baby wipes, so honestly, I fail to see what could really be worse in a house that has a bathroom and electricity.

I don't like propane, but I could learn to live with it.  I could even potentially upgrade the living space after a while if all goes well.  I moved into these apartments because I was assured the rent didn't ever go up, and I'd know what it was, but then someone bought the family that owned this out, and it's gone up every year since, which pisses me off royally.  To be quite frank, if they attempted to charge me with early termination fees, I'd tell them stick it in their butts, because as far as I'm concerned, what I was told should stick even if new owners took over, as they should honor what was formerly promised, regardless of who did the promising.  I do worry about all the little strays that come by, they keep things mouse/rat etc free, so I feed them.  I hope others realize what a service the stray kitties are doing as well and give them kindness, but I've seen at least one cat missing part of a leg so I think there is at least one psychopath that likes to torture animals living here.  I'd take them all with me but cats have a sense about location, so they'd all likely get lost or make their way back here.  I'd have to force house fuzzbutt for a few weeks to make sure her locator got reset.

I'm not worried about lil kitty or fatcat, they've never been outside, they'd adjust just fine.  I think I'd be about an hour or more drive from my mom, and I think that's my biggest issue.  I'd be able to afford the gas much easier to go see everyone, but that drive.....yuck.  I'd also have to figure out the grocery options in the area, I'm not sure if I'd have a hell of a time finding a good place that's relatively close.  Here, I have all kinds of options from a mile to a few miles in just about any direction.  I'm not a big shopper, so the loss of the nearby mall is not a huge deal to me.  I'd just as soon give mom my money and let her figure out what to buy for me, she's a GREAT shopper LOL.

ARGH!!! I thought blogging would help, and maybe it has, but I don't feel like it has yet.........