Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back to a Favorite

Just a quick post of a favorite book.

I do love coloring all kinds of things. I love all kinds of books, and I'm sure it's been noticed since I try to include as many as I can so people can find just what they love. I do love all the books I've found, but I still go back to my current favorite with Ms. Marotta. I can be found coloring throughout all sorts of activities, but it really does seem to help with my anxiety. I hope others are finding this activity as beneficial as me.

I loved doing this picture because it was a quicker one, that did take a few days because of the tiny details, but it was satisfying to see it begin to take shape as the colors went in.  The next picture in the book is similar, I think it's a lemur, but I will enjoy that one as well. Assuming I can get my book since I currently have a fatcat laying on my footstool where that one is at the moment.

I look forward to others sharing their art or experiences as always and enjoy!!!